Bijoux Beanies for premature babies
Bright Sky Blue 8ply yarn
Party Pink 8ply DK knitting wool
Bijoux Beanies Knitting Kit
Marshmallow pink 8 ply wool
100% NZ made machine washable wool
100% NZ made machine washable wool
100% NZ Made Wool - Pumpkin
100% NZ Made Wool - Bunny Rabbit Gray

Bijoux Beanies Knitting Kit


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KidSet is proud to collaborate with the Premmie Knitting Club (PKC) to bring you the Bijoux Beanies for premature bubbas.

By purchasing this kit, not only are you taking the first step to create something wonderful, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to PKC, a registered NZ Charity (CC57485), for use in premmie related causes

The kit contains all you need to create a  three differently sized beanies: small, smaller and smallest:

    • Bijoux beanies pattern
    • Bamboo knitting needles (optional)
    • A sewing up needle
    • 100% NZ made wool (You get to choose the main colour for your beanies but the colour pops for your pompoms are a lucky dip)

Did you know - bijoux means a delicate jewel.