About us

Natalie Iogha Premmie Knitting Kits


KidSet was founded by Natalie Iogha, who has been making something with her hands since she was 5 years old. 

Natalie has studied at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace and has a degree in Visual Arts from the Auckland University of Technology. She was manager for Morris & Sons for several years in Australia where she was instrumental in the launch of the Morris Yarns range, designed kits for Morris Needlecraft and taught knitting and sewing.

When Natalie was expecting Victor, her first child, she was overwhelmed by the excitement and generosity of women in her community. The handmade items she received were among the most talked about and treasured gifts Victor was given.

Natalie also spent time with a lot of other expectant mothers who wanted to create something unique and special for their babies. 

From all these experiences, KidSet, her second baby, was born.